Episode Six

In the sixth and final episode of series one, our head of fundraising Maxine, caught up with three family members, Joan, Joan, and John who have kindly shared their very personal experiences of having a loved one at St. Joseph's Hospice. And, to finish off, our family support worker, Jan spoke to one of our patients, Alice, about the care she is receiving at the hospice. We hope you enjoy listening and that it helps you to understand a bit more about hospice care, how special it is, and what it means to people.

Episode Five

In the fifth episode of our podcast, we speak to volunteer co-ordinator, Lynne, and Janet, one of our brilliant volunteers, about the important role our volunteers have in the running of the hospice. Find out what volunteering roles are available, how our volunteers benefit the hospice and support our patients, and what our volunteers get out of the experience.

Episode Four

In the fourth episode, hospice retail managers Susan and Sharon, discuss the important role of our charity shops in generating income for the hospice, what they love about their jobs and the wonderful support they receive from our charity shop volunteers.

Episode Three

Welcome to the third episode of our podcast when hospice Registered Nurse, Sarah, and Healthcare Assistant, Shannon, talk about their roles and what they love about their jobs. Plus, find out about the care that is provided for patients at the hospice, how hospices are different to hospitals, and what families can expect when they bring their loved one to St. Joseph's Hospice.

Episode Two

In episode two, hospice head of fundraising, Maxine Armstrong, and fundraiser, Cathy Cusack, discuss why fundraising is so important for the hospice, how the hospice raises funds, and the lengths Cathy went to to raise money for the hospice last year. Plus, find out how you can raise money for the hospice.

Episode One

Welcome to the very first episode of our brand new podcast. During episode one, hospice Chief Executive, Mike Parr, and Clinical Director, Clare Waller, discuss what hospice care is and why it is so important. Plus, who we care for at St. Joseph's Hospice and what the future holds! Let's meet Mike and Clare to find out more...

If you would be interested in taking part in a future series of our podcast and sharing your experience of St. Joseph's Hospice, please contact lindsay.colbeck@stjhospice.org.uk.